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Fast (efficient service) Response:

Our full-time after-sales service experts are always with you. Work with you on site to inspect and maintain equipment for the fastest possible repairs to ensure continued production capacity.

Maintenance Plan

Less maintenance downtime

By making maintenance appointments in advance to ensure smooth production, this means saving a lot of cost and time.

Regular Preventive Maintenance

Customize maintenance plans for customers, improve equipment life and durability, and reduce total costs.

Genuine spare parts guarantee

Our spare parts come from the source design and test verification of product development, which guarantees the use of genuine spare parts for after-sales service. The spare parts are strictly tested and manufactured and assembled in accordance with the standards to meet the needs of customers for stable and reliable process production. "

Redesign and Technology Upgrade Solutions

When customers face the adjustment of production capacity, technology and process, we will provide customers with customized redesign and upgrade services.

According to changes in various production needs, we provide professional engineering technical consultation, redesign and technical upgrading solutions. Support the expansion of production capacity, continuously adapt to new processes, and obtain high-quality products and services with economical investment.

General upgrade options include:


1. Comprehensive research and evaluation

2. Redesign of key components

3. Realize comprehensive upgrades of equipment performance, mechanical components, instruments and control systems

4. Formulate equipment upgrade plans according to needs to ensure uninterrupted production activities of customers.

5. Guarantee the supply of original parts


All upgrades are in accordance with the latest quality requirements and meet ISO 9001 standards. Through the upgrading and transformation of equipment, the production level and efficiency will be improved, and the reliability of equipment operation will be improved, thereby reducing the cost of use for customers.